For three decades, you have relied on the quality and fast delivery of the EXP. Now, you can get that same superior quality, faster delivery, and all for a lower cost with our improved EXPII. This pre-engineered blower system gives you all the needs of a full system with advanced features in performance over the competition. Need more options or don’t want to be pushed into a standard? The New EXPII has available options to meet your needs while still providing you faster deliveries.

Standard EXPII Features:

  • Sutorbilt, Duroflow & Heliflow Positive Displacement Blowers
  • Spring-loaded relief valve set at maximum blower pressure
  • Premium multi-chamber & absorptive silencers size to maximum capacity
  • Heavy duty angle iron steel base
  • Dual slide rails for easy tensioning
  • Custom motor specific to your needs
  • UBP Legendary enamel paint
  • Pressure gauge
  • Inlet filter with weatherhood (Upright filter available for outdoor installations)
  • Check valve with EPDM seal
  • Rugged Flex Joints
  • Dual silencer supports with holding straps
  • Completely assembled unit
  • Start-up oil and v-belt tension gauge

Options for your EXPII:

  • Acousti-Pac Sound Enclosure
  • Attenu-Pac Sound Enclosure
  • Weighted PRV
  • Temperature Switch
  • Pressure Switch or Differential Pressure Switch
  • Filter Switch

Three EXPIIs

Three EXPIIs of varying sizes


Three EXPIIs with upright filters

Three EXPIIs with upright filters alongside Attenu-Pacs




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