Trusted partners and leaders in the air equipment industry

INOHVA has built partnerships with leading manufacturers to provide our customers with a wide range of quality air equipment products to fit exact application needs. Our sales engineers analyze your requirements and help you choose the best technology and product solutions to meet both installation and budget goals. From low pressure exhaust to high pressure or pneumatic conveying, we have your blower and vacuum needs covered.

Gardner Denver is a global manufacturer of compressors, pumps, blowers and other packaged solutions for various industrial applications. INOHVA has been an authorized regional distributor and repair center for Gardner Denver brands for over 30 years.

Universal Blower Pac is a leading manufacturer of both standard and custom blower system solutions for the pneumatic conveying and the water and wastewater marketplace.

Elmo Rietschle specializes in high-quality side channel blowers, rotary vane and claw vacuum pumps and pressure technologies. These solutions help to reduce energy consumption, improve reliability, eliminate pollution and provide cost savings.

Hoffman & Lamson manufactures a broad range of centrifugal blower and vacuum solutions. Products include multistage, high speed, cast and fabricated centrifugal blowers as well as engineered central vacuum systems for industrial applications.

Horizon PSI provides pneumatic conveying solutions for all industries; pressure, vacuum and combination packages.

Chicago Blower centrifugal and heavy duty fan products are best known for their industrial quality, a standard of manufacturing assuring certified performance, relentless dependability and longevity.

DMN-Westinghouse Inc. rotary airlocks and diverters have a well-established reputation for being able to handle all kinds of dry powders and granular materials for various industrial processes.

Industries Served

  • Air Pollution Control
  • Aeration
  • Air Slides
  • Agriculture
  • Asphalt
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cement and Lime
  • Chemical
  • Coal
  • Dairy
  • Dust Collection
  • Environmental
  • Ethanol

  • Food and Beverage
  • Foundry
  • Glass
  • Industrial
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Medical
  • Metals and Minerals
  • Milling and Baking
  • Mining
  • Packaging
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Pet Food

  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic, Resin, Film
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Power generation
  • Printing
  • Pulp and paper
  • Recycling
  • Spray Booth Exhaust
  • Steel
  • Textile
  • Woodworking