Efficient. Flexible. Rugged. Unique.

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EE-Pac protected under US Patent #8348624, as well as others pending.

Those are apt descriptors for our new product, the EE-Pac. We have developed this product in order to provide customers with a blower that will deliver pressurized air efficiently across a wide operating range. This rugged system is not prone to surge and does not require extraneous control systems to prevent such conditions. This unique system was optimized mechanically and electrically to provide a unique combination of efficiency and flexibility. From wastewater aeration to pneumatic conveying and everything in between, the EE-Pac can efficiently handle your application!

Ask us if the EE-Pac is right for you!

  • Suitable Uses: Applications where energy consumption and/or flexibility are concerns
  • Intake Flow from 400 CFM to 3100 CFM and beyond
  • Differential Pressures up to 20 PSIG
  • Wide Operating Range: 5-1 Turndown Capability

Unit is equipped with onboard controller and HMI. EE-Pac can be controlled locally via touch screen HMI or remotely by a plant SCADA system.

No Surge Conditions! Only pay for control schemes that are beneficial to the process system.

Industry unique blowers enable greater efficiencies and lower noise levels!

Industry unique motor and drive system enable high electrical efficiencies at varying loads and operating speeds! Greatly improved efficiencies at turndown and overspeed.

Quiet! The EE-Pac typically operates under 75 dBA, even at the higher pressures!


EE-Pac 3112

EE-Pac open

EE-Pac open

EE-Pac 3112 in the field

Three EE-Pacs Shipping

Three EE-Pacs in the field


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pneumatic conveying, positive displacement blowers, gardner denver, universal blower pac