Custom Blower Systems

Universal Blower Pac’s leading priority is building blower systems to your specification. With three decades of expertise in the application, design and fabrication of blower systems for pneumatic conveying, industrial processing and aeration systems, UBP can meet your requirements …Exactly…Economically.

Or if lowering cost is your prerogative, UBP can use our knowledge of blower systems and their applications to help you decide where acceptable alternative products can help you stay within your budget.

When working with Universal Blower Pac you can specify your components or simply tell us your job requirements and let us do the work. We can design the most economical solution for your needs using brand name components. We can do this without exceptions to specifications, without delays, and without the hassle and cost of multiple sourcing.

And every Universal Blower Pac product is engineered and fabricated, in our company owned facility, with close attention given to quality – to perform above and beyond the high standards you set.


  • Custom choice of blower in a standard system
  • Unequaled delivery service
  • Competitive prices
  • Three decards of blower application engineering & design experience assuring proper applicatoin & component selection.
  • Gaurantee of factory warranties on all components.


We have a wide variety of blowers to choose from. They are all good blowers and each has its advantages. In any given application, one blower might be the most efficient, one will be the most economical, one might have the greatest longevity, and one will be the quietest. Sometimes availability is the bottom line. UNIVERSAL BLOWER PAC can help you decide on the best blower for your application.


  • Heavy duty steel base
  • Adjustable motor rails
  • Blower of your choice
  • Weatherproof inlet filter
  • 150% S.F. V-Belt Drive
  • Enclosed belt guard with EZ access front panel
  • High efficiency electric motors
  • Quick disconnect flex joints
  • Relief valves
  • Silencers sized for blower
  • Double door check valve
  • Silencer support structures

Custom blower system

Custom small blower system with fiberglass enclosure

Custom 500 HP direct drive blower system

Several custom direct drive blower systems

Two custom direct driven blower systems loaded onto truck via crane



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