No Repair Too Big or Too Small

Everything always seems to be going fine until suddenly anything that can go wrong, goes very, very wrong. Sound about right? Your blower is making a funny clanking or grinding sound, or it’s leaking oil profusely, or it’s seized completely and refuses to turn. What could possibly be happening? That’s where INOHVA can be your resource. We have factory trained technicians at our facility to inspect whatever ails your blower.


We make it our goal and our responsibility to give you as much information that pertains to the health and wellness of your blower—and sometimes your full system as well. Oftentimes, if it isn’t simply a worn out set of bearings, we can help problem solve what may have caused the blower to fail initially. Was the unit misaligned? Was the blower spinning too slowly, causing it to overheat? Did something make it through all of the piping and filtration system and shoot through the blower? Was there enough oil in the unit?


But in the end, here’s the real question, what’s this going to cost you? Our process is simple. Once we have the blower in the shop and inspected, we send you a full failure analysis explaining what we suspect caused the blower to malfunction. In that analysis, we give you a couple options: a repair (if possible), a new unit, or a factory remanufactured unit (if available).


Truthfully, some units are best to simply be replaced. One major reason we find is that something went truly haywire with the blower. Say the impellors cracked or the housing is cracked. Both of those items are high cost items compared to only needing to give the unit a good clean and some new bearings and shims. Another time it’s more economical to replace the unit, is when the unit itself is fairly small. Our two and three-inch gear units can sometimes cost just as much to repair, when you put in the cost of labor plus an overhaul kit, as it is to buy a new unit. It really depends on the nature of the blower when it comes into the shop and the results of the inspection.


Whatever ails your blower, we’re here for you! And whichever way you decide to go with your unit, we’re here to help make that happen as well.


22″ Sutorbilt Blower

2″ Sutorbilt Legend Blower

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